Billie Rancher Hat in Bubblegum



Our best-selling hat is here in BUBBLEGUM! WE'RE SCREAMING. Meet your new ride-or-die: the Billie Rancher Hat. The highest quality hat we've ever carried. She is perfection. Like who knew hats could be this GOOD? Let's break this down. A rancher style hat with a major cool-girl vibe (we are so beyond in love). Truly next-level quality. Instantly makes every outfit look insanely cool. Puts off a high-end, designer kinda vibe. Plus, BUBBLEGUM PINK? Omg. Cannot handle how good this hat is. The Billie is gonna be hard to beat. Believe us: she's absolutely unreal.

-Rancher style hat with a killer cool vibe
-BUBBLEGUM PINK. Need we say more??
-Stiff, wide brim
-Satin-lined inside -- it'll blow your mind
-Pinched top
-Thin coordinating ribbon around the crown-- monochrome vibes
-Incredible quality-- expensive, designer feel
-Adjustable inner strap for the perfect fit
-Holds it's shape amazingly (easy to steam too)
-Uplevels every single outfit-- it's science
-Not to be dramatic...but this hat is life-changing

22 inches + adjustable inner strap
5 inch brim // 6 inch crown

100% wool