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Dressed in Lala was created in 2017 in the snowy slopes of Utah by Lex Nevin. Her Lala journey began after working her first college-degree job and feeling completely uninspired. With a little fear and a $3000 credit card, Lex ran towards her dream, and hasn’t stopped running ever since.

Nevin has built a multi-million dollar brand by simply.. being herself. Rebellious fashion has always been her thing. Bold, unapologetic, and unexpected, Dressed in Lala appeals to the woman who doesn’t want to blend in. Pattern mixing, oversized silhouettes, and color are big players in the fashion brand’s DNA.  Not sure if anyone would relate to her sense of style, Nevin has created a cult-like following of women who are equally as obsessed with the brand.

“Forget every rule you’ve ever learned about fashion” says Nevin. “The only rule is that there are no rules. In a world where women are constantly being told who to be, what to wear, and how to look— we are taking back our power.”

Lala is bringing the modern + empowered woman’s dream wardrobe to life. When a manufacturer tells Nevin something isn’t possible, she will keep searching until someone is willing to try. “I’m not here to create things that have already been done before. We are changing the fashion game, one magical sweater at a time.”

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